Revised: July 30, 2021

What is Employ Georgia?
Employ Georgia is a secure, web-based system used to connect job seekers with job openings.

Within Employ Georgia, Employers can:
  • manage their jobs and talent pool easily in one place
  • post job openings using a simple "writer"
  • save job postings as a draft for later use
  • duplicate job postings
  • share job postings with other hiring managers through job sharing agreements
  • control the application/referral process and their screening preferences
  • search for candidates, including those who match their job posting or another candidate's résumé
  • save their candidate searches and schedule daily or weekly email notices of new résumés matching their criteria

How do I get started?
To post a job opening and search for candidates, an Employ Georgia Account is required.

The account creation includes your business information (an FEIN is necessary), hiring contact information, and the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. All accounts must be approved by the Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) before you are able to fully utilize Employ Georgia.

First time users may create their account and submit a job posting at the same time; however, the job posting will not be available to job seekers until your account is approved.

For additional assistance, view the video tutorial: Creating an Account. If you are ready to create an account select Sign in or Create an Account to begin.

How do I post a job opening?
Use the easy-to-follow path in Employ Georgia to create your job posting.

A specific, comprehensive, and complete job description will help to identify the best candidates for your opening. Although a job description can be typed or pasted, be sure to take advantage of the suggested keywords, work statements, and "similar jobs" descriptions Employ Georgia offers.

For additional assistance, view the video tutorial: Creating a Job Posting.

When will job seekers see my job posting?
Some job postings may require review by GDOL staff; however, not all require such approval. Whether approved automatically and/or by staff, the job posting will only be able to be viewed by veterans within the first 24 hours for Veteran's Preference. After 24 hours, all job seekers will be able to view the posting. You do have the option to extend the view to veterans only under the "Veteran's Priority of Service" panel on the "Recruitment Information" section when posting the job.

How do interested job seekers contact me?
As part of the your job posting, you will select the application process you want job seekers to follow including whether you prefer the GDOL screen potential candidates first. This information is selected under the "Recruitment Information" section when posting the job.

How do I find potential candidates?
Once your job posting is Active, potential matches with star ratings will be available. Select the "Jobs" tab at the top of the page and select the "active" tab then select "View Job". You will see the option to "View Matches from the Database" located on the upper right.

You may also choose your own search criteria. All searches can be saved to set email notifications of new matches. The option to conduct additional searches is at the top of the page where you viewed your potential matches. You can also search by selecting the "Talent Pool" tab located at the top of the page. If you would like to save any of your searches, select "Save this Search and Notify Me of New Talent" located at the top of the page.

For additional assistance, view the video tutorial: Searching for Talent.

How do I contact job seekers for whom I am interested?
From your Employ Georgia account, an email can be sent inviting a job seeker to review your job posting. To do this, select the email icon to initiate an email through your account.

There is also the option to "Send Multiple Invites" based on a specific star match rating. Once you have conducted an applicant search and have a listing of applicants located under the "Search Summary" panel, you will see the option on the upper right.

How can I get better matches?
The more information and detail included in your job description, the better results you will get.

Search results are based on your selection criteria which can also be customized using such criteria as keywords, job title, previous employer name, education, and occupational licenses or certifications. You may also adjust the star match rating.

You may also want to add "Special Requirements" under the "Requirements" section when posting your job opening. If you have any specific requirements that are a "must" and would like applicants to attest that they have such requirements, add those to your job posting. When job seekers apply for the posting, they will be presented with those requirements and must indicate they meet the requirements to move further in the application process.

How do I update or close my job posting?
Job postings can be managed in the "Jobs" tab of Employ Georgia. They can be edited, duplicated, placed on hold, closed, or refreshed. Job postings automatically expire 30 days from the posting date; however, you have the ability to change the date to extend the job posting up to 180 days.

For additional assistance, view the video tutorial: Managing Your Job Postings.

Need more personalized assistance with your recruitment needs?
The Georgia Depart of Labor's career centers are located strategically throughout the state and provide more personalized services. Find the GDOL Career Center nearest you.